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Taurus Season w/ Krystal Visions

Taurus Season - April 20th - May 19th 2023

As Aries season sashays into Taurus season we're still in the fire for a little while longer. The New Moon on April 19th is a Solar Eclipse in Aries that heralds the start of eclipse season. With all of this incoming Taurus energy mixed with the clarifying energy of the eclipse, saying "NO" is an act of sacred preservation. Eclipse season is a ripe time to reevaluate why exactly we agree to the things we do and how we can pivot and make time for something more intentional, more in line with your divine flow.

Have you been asking for what you deserve? Or have you been staying small and allowing your boundaries to be crossed and your resources to be spent? Now is the time to ask for more! More rest, more resources, more space and more love! Taurus season is all about worthiness, not just the external worthiness and validation that we get (and require) from others but the internal worthiness that we instill in ourselves. It's the perfect time to implement new mental practices (affirmations, anyone?) that help us to widen our cups so we can receive in larger ways. This process is neither harsh nor forced, it is cultivated by a gentle acceptance that your inherent worth does not add up to things you've accomplished, your title or your performance. Your worth is your birthright. You are worthy just because you are on this earth! This is an invitation to accept yourself just as you are. Dare to be self indulgent when it comes to pleasure and rest. Dare to live "the beauty way" and stop to smell or even paint the flowers. Eat the cookie and the Carbonara! Self expression and care is non-negotiable. Some say that during an eclipse you shouldn't practice magic or perform rituals. So, instead I will be providing some gentle offerings to set upon your altar and some journal prompts that will help you to align. I hope you have a restful and enjoyable Taurus season and an enlightening eclipse.

Aries New Moon Eclipse/Taurus Season Altar Offerings: Candy, cookies, dates, licorice, honey or sweets. Wine (alcoholic or non) or kombucha Flowers: Lillies, Daffodils, Tulips and Red Roses (Careful to leave the sweets covered so you don't invite any unwelcome visitors)

Journal Prompts:

• What does intentional time look like to me?

• Am I surrounded by people who reserve intentional time for me?

• Is there a balance of giving and receiving in my relationships?

• How do I feel before, during and after I engage with certain people or situations?

• How are some ways I can prioritize my pleasure?

• What is your definition of self care and how can I incorporate more of that into my schedule?

Have a rest filled Taurus season and an illuminating start to your eclipse season

xo, Krystal Visions

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