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Gemini Season w/ Krystal Visions

Gemini Season - May 21 - June 20

After that chaos from the Scorpio full moon lunar eclipse and the Mercury retrograde we survived in May, we are now stronger than ever. We made a realization about our self worth and what we’re no longer willing to settle for. Now the fun begins. New information and opportunity is rife with wealth in all forms. You what they say, knowledge is power so listen deeply to what the heart is telling you at this time. Are we looking for true connection? Are we willing to let go of the familiar bondage that attachment and expectation keep us in? That’s your choice, as both sides of the coin are shown during this Sagittarius full moon on June 3rd. Being the lucky beings we are, we get to create our own reality. So remember where your focus goes because that’s where your energy flows. So be extra mindful about what’s been playing on repeat in your mind palace. Do yourself a favor and mingle in places you don’t usually mingle. Elevate your space and let the journaling begin since new downloads are available at this time. Don’t be surprised if there is an event that looks like disaster but turns out to be a blessing in disguise. New unions of all kinds are formed at this time. I invite you to be very choosy, especially if you have strong Gemini placements. Take the time to parse through fact and fiction, not everything is as it seems at this time. Believe actions not words and exercise your logic to figure out the next destination. This season is a great time to self reflect as well. How have you been contributing to blockages or impasses in your life? Have you been fulfilling your role as a deliberate creator? Sometimes it helps to step outside of your wheel house and fall down some holes where the unknown dwells. Embrace the concept of failure as learning curve and know that some of life’s most precious lessons can only be experienced by accepting what is and moving on. To aid you in release and realignment I have constructed a ritual for this Full Moon down below.

What you’ll need:

  • Vivid blue, red or orange candle

  • Vetiver and/or Clary Sage oil for anointing the candles

  • Items that represent aspects of your past, photos, heirlooms, jewelry etc. A large bowl filled with kosher salt that will also fit all your items

If you don’t have any items you can also write an itemized list of past narratives, people from your past, or lingering situations that you’d like to be rid of or that are in need of a shift/ renewal.

To start, anoint your candle with oil.

Take the large bowl filled with salt and place your items and/or letter so that the salt fully covers everything. Make sure everything is submerged deep into the salt.

Light the candle and recite this passage 3 times:

“I sink into the depths of my history and purge anything unnecessary to ease into my greater growth and actualization.”

As you recite this passage hold the feeling of trust within yourself.

Take 3 deep breaths and take a shower or bath and let the candle burn until it is completely out. Do not snuff it out or blow it out.

Take your items out of the salt bowl when the candle is completely spent, and if you wrote a letter burn it in a fire proof spot. Dump the salt behind your house or out back of the location you performed the ritual. Keep the cleansed items in different locations in your house from where they used to be.

You have now made space for the new to come in. Happy full moon and happy Gemini season.


Krystal Visions

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