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Shroud Spotlight: Rockette Fox

Meet Rockette Fox. She is a biracial Korean American storyteller, speaker, teacher, artist, and creator. Rockette Fox’s art and style is a manifestation of self and an empowerment of identity.

Tell us about your creative process.

It tends to be pretty organic to be honest. I find inspiration in the things I observe around me from my cats, to an interesting phrase, to national events that I feel I need to respond to in some way. When I approach an illustration, piece of jewelry, or makeup look, I’ll begin using that initial inspiration as a jumping off point that evolves as I create the piece. I let the work tell me where to go next; I very rarely enter a piece with the exact finished product in mind. In that way, each thing I create represents its own journey and story.

What themes do you explore through your art?

Some of the themes I explore are self-love, self-care, and opening dialog around mental health as well as representation, diversity, and shared experience. Many of my pieces overtly say something (with text included into the piece), while some are less direct in their message, but sharing my own experience as well as encouraging and empowering others is my primary goal with my art.

What is your discipline?

I am an illustrator and graphic designer by education, and artist, creator, performer, storyteller, and beyond by trade.

What is your background?

As many other artists would probably say, I’ve been drawing since I could hold a crayon. A biracial woman who has always been on the ‘outside’ of either community in various ways, as the years passed I began to engage directly with the experience of myself against the backdrop of those around me. I found that I wanted to use any medium I can to capture and share what I observed, including music, acting, writing, drawing, and more. After high school and a couple years of college I took a few years off during which I sang with a rock band before returning and getting my BFA in illustration and graphic design. Since then I’ve continued to explore and push the boundaries of my art in every way I can.

How important are feelings to your art practice?

Feelings are vital to my practice (and, as my therapist tells me, to life). As the purpose of my work is to tell a story, share a perspective, encourage, and empower, it’s important to connect to the emotion behind the idea of each piece. In that way I’m able to better connect to my audience.

What inspires you?

I find inspiration when talking to people, thinking about funny and absurd images, from film and music, when something happens in the world that feels so big and unchangeable. My mind tends to roam a great deal and with that comes a lot of ideas - some of which I manage to get down, some that end up lost in my brain’s landscape.

How did you collaborate with Random Ritual?

I had the privilege and opportunity to do a full moon storytelling with Random Ritual! I told a story based on the folkloric being of La Pesta that I wrote specifically for the event.

What was that like?

I dressed in my witchiest fineries and, against a backdrop of deep fabric and candles, spoke the story while it was streamed and recorded. It was really a wonderful experience.

Where do you want to go with your art career? What do you envision for the future?

I’m not immediately sure. I think much like my creation process, my life path tends to be a little more about taking things a step at a time. I do want to continue to push myself and the work that I’m doing in ways that make a positive impact.

Are there current or future projects in the works that you would like to share and talk about? Do you do anything outside of art?

Oh, yes - although a lot of it I would say is art-adjacent. I am part of a few casts that perform live streamed weekly tabletop roleplaying games including Cyberpunk, Dune, and Star Trek. I write, produce, and host a podcast about the fascinating, strange, and unusual, called Fantastically Strange. I game both console/PC and boardgames. I also perform in various theatrical productions.

Do you believe in the supernatural?


What could the world use more of?

[Select creative content is emailed to members of The Shroud.]

What are your thoughts on the art world today?

I think there are some really interesting things going on. With the recent surge of attention on AI generated art, I think the art world is going to change in a lot of really dynamic ways that will have both positive and negative effects. I’m really interested to see where things go.

Random Ritual Projects

Rockette Fox worked with our team to create the story Plague Maiden and the breathe meditation Veil of Protection.

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