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Shroud Spotlight: LOST IN TIME by Dave Danzara

Meet Dave Danzara. He is a graphic artist specializing in digital and analog collages. His project Lost in Time Designs shows us that “You need to be LOST to find where you belong.”

Tell us about your creative journey.

I grew up doing art. That’s all I’ve thought about my entire life. It's a passion that’s grown from as early as I can remember. I majored in Art and have not stopped since. Now, it’s mainly digital collage art. I began messing around with collage about 8 years ago, working on an iPhone and now an iPad, using various apps, to give the complete look.

What themes and topics do you explore through your work?

I’m all over the place! But I’d say a bit of apocalyptic, pop culture, fantasy, romance, dark humor and politics.

What is your view on discipline?

Patience and to never lose sight of what you want to do with your creative process.

What do you love?

Family, my kids and Wife. I love music and cinema. And I love the outdoors, escaping the concrete jungle. I like to hike and get outdoors anytime I can. It helps me clear bad energies and helps me focus on the good. I love to go antique shopping with the wife. There is something about the hunt!

What do you dislike and why?

I dislike the way society has gone. The morals of just being polite and courteous. Maybe I’m just getting old! Humanity to me has completely become numb to everything, I think we expect too much and are out of touch.

What could the world use more of?

Kindness, patience, gratitude, discipline and love.

What does spirituality mean to you?

Spirituality is a way of life to me. I’m heavily connected with the universe, God and the stars. It’s a natural sense. I’m a very sensitive being, so I can pick up on feelings and listen to my mind, soul, and body.

Do you believe in the supernatural?

Most definitely! There is a lot we can’t see with our eyes. But when you feel things around you and have a sense of anything it’s because your body senses it. Listen to your body, and you will understand we are not alone but in the same shared universe.

Random Ritual Projects

Dave created the visuals for Forcefield art print, Vincent Price art print and shirt, and Queen E art print and shirt.

Visit Lost In Time Website

Follow Dave Danzara on Instagram

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