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LIONS GATE: Projecting the Next 22 Years with Krystal Visions

August 8th is an energetic portal. It’s the closing off of a cycle that began around 1999 and 2000. Think back to that point in time. What were you doing? What patterns have you carried from then?

Lions Gate is the time to break patterns that no longer serve you and instill new processes for the next 22 years. Now is a time for goal setting. It’s an amazing time to set long-term intentions. If you live presently, you know that these blueprints can change, so, of course, have these plans in pencil. However, it’s beneficial to make goals and to project your way forward into the next 2 decades.

The date 8/8 is symbolic too since the 8 on its side is a representation of eternity.

What is eternal for you? How will you create your own personal eternity? What are you going to leave behind in this existence? What is the change you want to make?

At 3:33, Krystal pulls cards to give more clarity on the month of August.


Content by Krystal Visions, a multimedia artist, numerologist and Tarologist. Visit her at and on Instagram @krystal_visions.

Produced by Random Ritual.

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