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Chaotic Change and Strides of Expansion: Aquarius Report

As of January 12th Mars has gone direct, yet it is still in the sign of Gemini. We are still

receiving deep truths and new breadcrumbs of information all the way until Mid March.

If you feel the call to make a decision, make sure you have all the info you need

before signing on the dotted line.

Mercury went direct on January 18th, and Uranus is direct Jan 23rd. Aquarius’ ruling planet has been retrograde since August. In short, this means the pot will be stirred and there will be forward momentum on anything that was previously blocked. Prepare to jump some timelines and take care to ground yourself when over stimulation starts to creep in. Ascension symptoms such as headaches, indigestion and general lack of focus might affect some. Change is strongly in the air.

If you’ve been looking for a switch, you are going to get it. Since Aquarius loves

anything innovative make sure to upgrade wherever you see fit, whether that be

something new on the physical plane or new narratives that replace the old and

outdated. This may also call for new social circles or relationships. Aquarius loves to

mingle while remaining detached from the projections of others. So, if someone isn’t

vibing with you, take it in stride, embrace your individuality and move on up to where the

energy is high.

Trust your vibrational powers at this time. Create via chaos to watch your world expand.

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