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2 CUP MANIFESTATION RITUAL: Jumping Dimensions with the Water Bearer’s Method

Looking for a way to kick start expansion? Let’s utilize the power of the New Moon on January 21st in Aquarius! Try the Water Bearer’s tried and true 2 Cup Manifestation Ritual.

The following ritual for the New Moon in Aquarius will help you manifest what you want by shifting dimensions from your current reality to your desired reality. This utilizes the concept of dimension jumping which insinuates that there is an infinite number of dimensions occurring simultaneously. Any alternate reality has happened, will happen, or is happening – but in different dimensions. By shifting dimensions you can upgrade your current reality smoothly and quickly.

Tap into the ritual below to jump a timeline to your desired reality!

What You’ll Need:

  • A white, purple or silver candle (all these colors align with the sign of Aquarius)

  • Candle, incense, oils, or sprays of your choice that are refreshing and cleansing (sage, mugwort, or Forcefield Purifying Mist)

  • Filtered water

  • 2 glasses made of transparent glass or crystal (no plastic please)

  • 2 sticky notes or 2 small papers and tape

  • 2 pieces of note paper

We suggest clear glass cups so that you can see the transfer of water from the old cup to the new cup. From your old reality to the new. Let’s get into it!

Step 1: Prepare Your Cups

To start, fill one cup with water. Then take some tape or sticky notes and label them current reality and desired reality. The cup with water represents your current reality, your present.

If you are struggling with abundance, work or relationships, you write on one sheet of your note paper “I am struggling with........” and place it under the glass filled with water.

If you are generally satisfied with where you are and need to call in more of something or you would like to change or transmute a situation, you can write that in detail in the present tense on your first sheet of note paper.

Feel free to express yourself!

The other empty cup labeled “desired reality” represents the “future you.” If you want to manifest financial abundance, you would write “Money flows into my life effortlessly” on your note paper and place it under the empty “desired reality” cup. Write your desired outcome or what you’d like to call in or transmute in detail in the present tense.

Step 2: Visualize Your Desired Reality

To get into visualization mode, light your candle, burn your incense, and mist/cleanse your surroundings.

Look at the cup with water and feel into your current reality. Let whatever emotions come up, be they positive or negative.

If you’re feeling low vibrational thoughts, shift your focus to the empty cup and visualize your desired reality. Envision your desired reality in your mind and allow yourself to experience the high vibrational emotions it brings you. Feel what it would feel like to experience the desired reality now. Envision and feel it for 5 minutes.

Step 3: Pour The Water Into The Empty Cup

Pour the water from the filled cup into the empty cup. From your “reality” to your “desired reality.”

The transfer of water represents a shift in dimension, a timeline jump from the current reality to your desired reality.

Remove all doubt and skepticism from your mind and body and feel the shift happening as you pour the water from the old cup to the new cup. What does it feel like?

Step 4: Drink The Water

Drink the water!

You have just jumped from one reality to another. Congratulations! Welcome to your new reality! A new dimension is now set in place. Drinking the water in your “desired reality” cup represents embodying your new reality and welcoming it into your existence.

Once you finish the water, you are now in absolute vibrational alignment with your desires!

Step 5: Discard The Old Label and Note Paper

Discard the old label and note paper.

The "current reality” no longer serves you, so it’s time to get rid of all traces of it.

Burn the “current reality” label and note paper completely and release the dry ashes back to nature, in a garden or to the wind. Make sure you use proper precautions while burning paper, like using a fire safe dish or doing it outside in a safe area. Release the ashes only when the embers are completely out.

As for the “desired reality” note paper and label, keep it close to you as a reminder that you are now in a new reality. If you feel any low vibes at any time, read the note you wrote and connect to that feeling of embodying your new current reality once again.

Let your candle or incense burn until it goes out on its own or until it’s completely spent. Don’t blow it out or snuff it out.

Trust in the Transformation

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