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ROSEBLOOD: Creating a Sacred Love Spray

After a few months of testing, developing, and finalizing ROSEBLOOD, we are happy to announce its arrival in February 2022. This is the month of love, healing, magic, and cleansing. It is a month to celebrate what we are given and what we can give in return.

Roseblood sacred love body spray, front and back label
Roseblood body spray, labeled and bottled in house.

The Concept

We started developing this luxurious body spray in October 2021, and it is our first conceptual release. We have been focused on collaboration, sustainability, and working with quality crafters. Our body spray is a natural blend of essential oils with mystical properties that date back to ancient times. This is not an ordinary spray. ROOSEBLOOD is a hand-crafted potion for a transformative experience.

Bulgarian rose oil has been used for centuries. Originating from the central Balkan Mountains, Bulgaria is the biggest exporter of rose oil in the world to this day. Combined with sandalwood and orange blossom oils, it creates an invigorating natural toner with a subtle scent that isn't overpowering, is softening for the skin, and has antioxidant properties. The rose is a symbol for love and beauty as well as a practical solution for your daily skincare routine. We added pieces of bloodstone as a final blessing. We encourage you to use it mindfully, as part of your self-love ritual, to awaken your inner power.

The Process

Roseblood sacred love body spray sacred geometry logo custom made for Random Ritual
Roseblood Sacred Geometry Logo

The design of ROSEBLOOD body spray reflects two elements. Minimalism and sacred geometry.

In this modern age of over-doing and over-thinking, there is a chronic exhaustion notable in Western society. Minimalism is a concept that has gained attention, encouraging intentional living, mindful use of products, and slowing down. ROSEBLOOD emulates balance and peace, as a concept and as a visual design.

Sacred geometry is a historical concept, often found in ancient texts, architecture, and spiritual teachings. It encapsulates the power of symbols, how they are found in the world, and their relation to other elements which leads into the magical discovery that geometric symbols exist sacredly in nature.

Our love-inspired body spray is meant to be experienced in a state of intentional stillness and sacredness.

The Commercial

In under a week, we organized a small crew to shoot the commercial. Beauty and feminine energy were top of mind. The whole commercial was shot in 4 hours with crew of 4 people and will release 4 months after inception. (Notice the number pattern here.)

We are grateful for: Kalina Mondzholovska, our artistic director, who created the red dress featured in the video in one day and directed the project over countless hours. Yavor Veselinov and Andrew Stephen multi-tasked from lighting set up to operating the camera. Christen Rains helped out with all things in between. Our star, Nicole Coglianese (owner of Citra Fitness & Movement), exceeded all expectations with her graceful movements and passionate energy.

See our commercial teaser:

Watch behind the scenes of the commercial:

ROSEBLOOD body spray is available in a limited batch. Shop the natural spray as an individual item or as a part of our exclusive gift set.

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